Before we get into energy healing we have to understand what is energy. Energy is the life force that courses in our body, it’s known by many names such as Prana (in Indian tradition) or Chi (chinese).  If the energy in our bodies moves smoothly like a coursing river, life goes smoothly. We are in great health, enjoy great relationship and manifest reality quickly. If the energy is blocked or dirty, we can feel tired, get sick and just down in the dumbs. Now there’s sooo many techniques for energy healing way to much to name here but essential every technique can work just not for everybody. What I’m going to cover here today is intuitive energy healing, so this isn’t a physical modality like acupuncture or Tai-chi where the focus is the physically move energy but I do so intuitively, with my psychic abilities.

So we know that we’re all energetic begins and that means we can attract other people’s negative energy. For example if someone is sad or angry, if you don’t practice psychic protection you can physically absorb their energy and of a sudden feel sad or angry for no reason! Most commonly through, energy healing to me can also be memory clearing.

In my healings I focus primarily on the 7th chakras. If you don’t know what a chakra is, it’s an energy point in the body starting from the back of your spine all the way to your crown chakra. Each chakra dictates a part of your life. I won’t go through all the chakras here but I’ll give a couple of examples. If your root chakra is blocked” you’re most likely in survival mode, your main priority is feeling safe and you’ll take drastic measures to do so”. This is the most important chakra when it comes to manifesting money and financial abundance. Childhood memories are held here.

For example: I had client who really, really, wanted a promotion at work. She kept on saying the right things, going to right events but instead of getting a promotion, a male colleague with much less experience got it. That sent her in a panic and she came to me see what’s up. When I tuned into her I got a clairvoyant image of her as a little girl being reprimanded by her father. By discovering that, we both learned that as a little girl she was discouraged to take any role of power and be “put in her place” as soon as I cleared that the next week she got the promotion! that’s how fast energy can work!

Speaking of childhood events, we also have etheric/ energy cords with people. We usually form this in childhood to feel safe, we attach to our parents so they feel attached to us and they feel obligated to take care of us. This can happen with parents, partners even famous actors! It’s very common for moms to feel fatigue because not only do they do everything but every child has an energy cord sucking at them :P.  One time I helped a lady with her back pain, she was taking care of her grandson since her daughter worked odd hours, it was very clear her grandson had a tight grip on her since the energy cord I saw was very thick and black in color. As soon as I cleared it, she felt immediate relief in her lower back pain! That reminds me, you know when you say, someone is being a pain in the neck, more likely that person is energetically attached to your throat chakra! A client of mine , felt she couldn’t really express herself fully as a spiritual person with your husband, I tuned in that he was attached to her to energetically “shut her up” due to his own insecurities of being a spiritual. When I cleared it, the pain she was feeling in her neck vanished! She’s a Shaman and that very day, her husband who normally didn’t want to be involved at all with her spiritual practice asked he she would lead him on A shamanic journey! Absolutely amazing.

Our beliefs, how we perceive life is also inside our energy field. For example, if you believe I’m not meant to be heard, no one cares about what I have to say- your throat chakra is going to be very small and inactive, which will affect your self confidence, and how you manifest because we say outloud is a way of manifesting.

A great story is, when I first got into energy healing, I had a lovely lady who was 8 months pregnant, she was having trouble sleeping and she ballooned in size way more than normal. I tuned into your stomach chakra and I instantly heard “ I don’t believe it”.  She was having such a hard time with the pregnancy because it came as such a huge surprise to her and she wasn’t able to fully accept or process it. When I moved the energy for her she said she had the best night sleep she ever had! Afterwards she enjoyed her pregnancy and gave birth to a healthy girl.

Finally, psychic attack. It’s very real. If someone has ill will towards you, that can be enough to get your energy out of whack, you might be irresistible for no reason, you lost your spark. Something that you wanted to manifest seems like it was going so smoothly but then it just stopped or went really sluggish. I see psychic attack as swords, these swords can cause physical pain in the body. I see this in a lot of people who come from authoritative households. When their so much pressure coming from a parent or partner they energetically put their pressure on top of you. If you’ve had a falling out with a friend they can totally do that do.

To sum up, energy healing is the practice of intuitively picking up on a person’s energy field which holds their memories, belief system, and energetic cords they have with people. Clearing these blocks/ negative energy not only helps us feel more alive and crave zest for life but also helps us see real world changes that you’ve been trying forever to realize.

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