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Nie twój przeciętny doradca intuicyjny, ale o tym już zapewne wiesz. Zawsze byłem dziwnym dzieckiem w szkole. Odkąd sięgam pamięcią interesowałem się magią; Czytałem nawet: „Magia dla amatorów ”. Dostałem moją pierwszą talię Tarota mając tylko 14 lat.

Dorastałem w polonijnej rodzinie rzymsko-katolickiej, więc zdecydowanie nie mogłem rozwijać swoich umiejętności w tej dziedzinie. Podobnie jak inni ludzie z ponad przeciętną intuicją, wyłączyłem swój dar by bardziej dopasować się do społeczeństwa,dzięki temu będąc tylko nastolatkiem wpadłem w głęboką depresję.

Dopiero zacząłem rozwijać mój dar, odkrywałem kim naprawdę jestem oraz moją misję– pomóc ludziom zrozumieć, że życie nie kończy się śmiercią.

Dlaczego powinieneś to wiedzieć? Nie trafiłeś tu przez przypadek. Przybyłeś tu z jakiegoś powodu. Nie przyszedłeś tutaj na bezwartościowe 5-kartowe czytanie, które powie Ci o tym co chcesz usłyszeć. Jesteś tutaj, ponieważ chcesz połączenia dusza-dusza, aby pomóc ci osiągnąć kolejne cele.


  • 5 star review  I recently had the divine pleasure of a childhood trauma healing session with Michal. He has an incredible intuitiveness and a gentle but direct way of asking the right questions with care to help you see patterns of life that have not been of benefit to you, in a way that encompasses the emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels. My experience has left me feeling at peace within, empowered and joyful as well as having a new level of faith in myself. Thank you Michal for your wisdom, guidance, love & support

    thumb Natalie Goss

    5 star review  The sincerity with which you do readings and the purity of your words mesmerized me! I am so shocked and happy at the result of your automatical writing! Thanks a lot for your invaluable time and greatest efforts!! God bless you dear.

    thumb Hritika Sharma

    5 star review  I had a wonderful Manifest Your Dreams session with Michal. He was very charming and friendly, he got to know me through a few questions and it felt like talking to an old friend. He was very supportive and offered great advice. Michal did a card reading for me and also picked up great intuitive information from the angels. Then he proceeded with a healing session and cord cutting on me which was very powerful. I could feel the energy so strongly. At the end he gave me a plan that I could implement to further my progress. After the session I felt so much more purpose and strength within, as well as a sense of peace and calm. This session is very empowering and I recommend it to anyone who might be feeling stuck and having trouble progressing further in their life.

    thumb Deanna Rich
  • 5 star review  I didn’t know what to expect with an angel reading, but I have to say that when Michal sent me my reading, I was blown away! The insight he offered reflected everything I was feeling and going through, and even more that I didn’t realize. His readings are extensive and deep, and I walked away with confidence in the situations I’d asked about. I’ve already noticed a shift in how I’m thinking, feeling, and in how my path is progressing. I highly recommend Michal and his Angel Readings!

    thumb Chelsea Deane

    5 star review  Absolutely loved working with Michal. I found his calm, gentle demeanour to be both uplifting and inspiring. I’m so happy to have identified areas in my life I need to progress with and ways to do it! Thank you Michal xxx

    thumb Naomi Whitehead

    5 star review  Hello, I received a wonderful and full of positive reading from Michal for my future (very big) decision. He provided helpful insights and some pieces of angelic advice. Now, I won’t hesitate to move forward with my new adventure as I know I have got back of universe Thank you Michal for your helpful and positive reading! Your message has boosted my confidence and courage Love and light.

    thumb Sonal Upadhyay
  • 5 star review  If you have been thinking about Angel Healing Therapy but are unsure about it, I encouraged you to leave your fears behind and take a leap of faith. I highly recommend Micheal, he's a very compassionate divine being who has your best interest in mind. He's an amazing Angel Healing Therapist. I actually bought a Angel Healing session for my teenage daughter. After her session, I received a message from Micheal that I also needed some healing. He wrote me an Angel prescrip... tion. That day during my meditation, I followed through and call upon the Archangels that Micheal has prescribed. Each one of them came through and I was able to experience the loving, healing energy. I was able to release what I was holding in so dearly to my heart center, I myself knew that it was no longer serving me. The healing energy was so intense that I actually cried because I had buried my sadness deep within my heart to the point that I did not allow myself to grieve properly. After crying and having Archangel Raphael to help heal my heart, I feel so much lighter and happy. I also ask the Archangels to help me repair my relationship with my daughter, the Angels told me to show more love and affection towards her. After I was done, I went straight to my daughter and gave her a big hug and told her I love her. I never felt so lighted and so full of emotions of happiness. This was truly an amazing experience. Thanks Micheal for your wonderful Angel prescription and for your Angel healing session with my daughter. She told me that she will continue to be open and will try to apply what she had learned into her daily life taking one step at a time with the healing Angels.

    thumb Taly Vang

    5 star review  Thank you Michal for your Angel Therapy reading, it was great to get confirmation and some guidance. I loved having a face to face reading in the comfort of your own home too. Namaste

    thumb Tracy Bergman

    5 star review  Wow!! I am lost for words Michael is awesome. He has helped me to move forward and to realise I need to take it easy and slow down and breath. I must have faith and take one day at a time. I recommend him 100% he will help you. Thank you very much I will take everything you said and work on it.

    thumb Rose Van Rooyen