“All forms of mental illness are symptoms of an unquestioned mind”

                                                          -Byron Katie, Founder of The Work

I know that statement might seem blunt and offensive to some people, to me it’s only speaking the truth.  As Emily Fletcher the founder of Ziva Mind and my meditation teacher once put it:

“Depression is when the mind thinks too much about the past and Anxiety is when the mind thinks to much about the future“.

When we really get down to it, that’s what it real is. We try to blame it on brain chemicals, on genetics or our diet. Which I would say do have a part of it but in reality we are just out of the present moment.

“Despite whatever we are thinking and feeling everything is alright as it is”-Byron K.

Could you imagine your life if you had no past or future? What would you be afraid of? What would you be sad at about?  Meaning: you don’t go into the future worried what’s going to happen like if someone is going to mean to you or you’ll fail a test. And you don’t get stuck in the past thinking over and over again what someone said or a mistake you made.

When you question that picture in your mind, you get send right back to the present moment; that’s where joy resides.

You might be asking yourself, what’s the point of being happy? I’ve been through so much I deserve to feel this way.

In the spiritual text,The course of miracles which I closely follow says,

“God has given me one function and that is to be happy… My happiness and my function are one”.

God, the creator of the Universe has INTENDED for you to be happy. Happiness, joy, love that is our true nature. Anything that goes against that goes against God’s intention. Can you wrap your head around that? God wants you to be happy NOW.

The fastest way to do that is to inquire. Any negative thoughts you have, question them, ask them are they true? Can you absolutely, 100% know that it’s true?

Sometimes it can be hard to be honest with yourself and acknowledge that sometime’s eating at you.That’s why my angel therapy sessions are so powerful, when your in a conversation with me, it’s very easy to open up your heart and release all the gunk that’s there.

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