“You either have gifts or you don’t”

I don’t like swearing but that was the biggest pile of sh*t I’ve ever heard from another psychic medium. I stumbled upon on this “divine medium” person on Facebook live in one of my groups. She was doing some type of “psychic evaluation” and she was very clear that you’ve either have gifts or you don’t buuuutttt just in case you suppressed it she might get it out of you.

As soon as she said that I got knots in my stomach and my blood started to boil. It was so painful to hear someone with so many likes on her page and a large number of people watching that she would be so blunt in order to fulfill her quota of clients. I of course commented right away and typed “What the hell ( I wanted to say the F-word) are you talking about?! Everyone has gifts!”.

She replied with a sickly sweet smile and know-it-all tone of voice, “No, sweetie, that’s not how it works”. UMMMM excuse me? What makes you God and proclaim to 100 live viewers and countless replays to say that?

The reason why that’s a complete lie is because we are WIRED to be psychic. Every human being has some type of capacity to be intuitive, to feel and sense energy. None of us are inferior to any human being. The course of miracles says,

“Everyone is equal”

By separating ourselves to “Psychics” and “non-psychics” just creates a barrier between us and we don’t need anymore of that. What one accomplishes means you have that too! Also trust your gut, does it feel good to say that “Only some people have gifts and the rest are just SOL” of course not. It feels wrong because it is wrong. The truth is we are created in God’s, the Universe’s image and although yes, some people are born with natural talents and abilities. It doesn’t mean that you are anyone else is less special then them.

Think about it, a lot of kids are very naturally intuitive (my brother saw an Angel when he was 4 but he can’t today) just they learn to turn if off as they get older. If that beautiful gift was there in the first place all you’ve got to do now is unlearn, unlearn everything that held you back from being your most truest, authentic self. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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With love and light,

Michael Altawil

Angel Medium and Clairvoyant healer