So I’m writing this not just for me to reflect on how much I’ve learned from this session but for everyone who is on the fence of going all the way with their guardian angel.

My Core band: Pink and Red

So Volare’s (my guardian angel’ name) core band is red (symbolizes passion and action) and pink (sensitivity). So I have been always very sensitive in my life, when I was younger I used to cry very easily and I would cry a few times a month. I would also feel other people’s emotions very easily. Before the session I thought it wasn’t so great being sensitive but Ros asked me:

“Would you rather not be sensitive”?

That was a big N-O for me. I love being sensitive, I love being able to feel people’s emotions and really understand them. I love how people can feel comfortable around me and share their deepest problems with me without feeling judged.

I was also very sensitive to my parent’s criticism. My parents support me financially so I felt obligated that I should do what they want me to do. They don’t have a certain career in mind but they frowned upon me becoming a preschool teacher because I am a man and that’s unheard of. After our session I told my father that “I love working with children, it’s my biggest passion and it support me financially” I would of never said that without Ros telling me that,

“You can become IMMUNE to the criticism of others, while being sensitive”

I never thought that was possible but it’s so true! The key is when you truly know who you are, what you  love to do, if that’s really the case no one can ever take you down. It is possible.

Ros also reminded me that regardless of what’s going on in my life, I should always have my dream in mind, to believe in it. The success of my business relies mostly on me and if I believe it will become a success nothing an stop me.

If you feel inspired to take the next step with Ros you can find her offer here.

I wish you all best regrading living your life with purpose and joy,