Hey there! So I’ve noticed there’s a lot of blogs, websites and even services on how to read Oracle cards using your intuition but there’s not a whole lot on how to use this information on how you can implement it into your life. So I thought it’d be fun if I walked you through my process using Oracle cards.

Step 1. Identify the problem

The more specific questions we can ask the better answers we get. Generally readings like “What do I need to know about today” is fine but if you really want to take directed action steps to improve your life you need to identify a certain aspect of your life you want to improve on.

Step 2. Pull out your cards

So recently I’ve been struggling financially. In February I quit my job and I’ve been applying for a few with no luck. I grabbed my favorite deck Sacred Traveler by Denise Linn I shuffled the deck while asking ” What do I need to know about manifesting a new job that I love” to my guardian angel (If you don’t know your GA’s name that’s okay, just ask them to communicate with you through the cards and that’s enough)

This is the card I got.

Sacred Traveler Oracle Cards Deck de Denise Linn

I was really surprised because I wasn’t sure what I needed to heal but than the boulders in the card really stood out to me. I asked my GA what that was about and in that moment I just knew, the waterfall stood for abundance, and I have sometime of block (boulders) that’s blocking me from receiving abundance from the universe. I also heard, “Pull out another deck” and I felt inspired to take out Sonia’s Choquette Trust Your Vibes Oracle Cards  for extra guidance. I asked “How can I get rid of this block”

Trust Your Vibes Oracle Cards - Sonia Choquette af Sonia ...

The card was “Sleep on it” in the guide book it said I can call upon my team of guides and angles and they will show me in my dreams what’s my problem. So that night I did what the book said and went to sleep. I don’t remember most of my dream but I just remember being in so much pain, so much worry. I realized as soon as I woke up that I was still caring some of the stress and worry when in a short period of my life when I was super stressed about money and had no idea what to do next. Even though I had moved on, the pain lingered.

Step 3. Take positive action

Knowing what I do now, I decided I had enough and went on a walk in my local forest. I called upon the Archangels Jophiel, Michael, Raphael and Zadkiel to help me feel more optimistic when it comes to money, to get rid of any negative energy and limiting beliefs about it, and to help me embrace God’s gifts for me.  It’s too early to see the results but I already feel a lot better and feel like I shifted a lot of belief systems and I’m more motivated than ever to find a new job that I’ll love and support me with my life purpose.

Next time, when you’re using your Oracle cards, dig a little deeper, as more questions. Pull out multiple decks if you need to but most importantly, take action! If you know what’s your next step the angels only ask you to do your part to solve whatever issue your working 🙂

With love and light,


Angel Intuitive