How to Chakras helped my life

Like many of us in the Spiritual community, I thought I knew everything there was to the chakras. When I was younger I even thought I can open them all at once in just 5 minutes by imagining it. I understood the basic natures of the chakras, what they do and how the affect us but I didn’t add that much thought to it. It wasn’t until I started doing professional energy healings that I realized how profound the chakras really are.

Change your Chakras, change your life!

We all know that we are made of energy, the things we want to manifest are also energy just waiting to manifest into the physical plane. In order to do that we need match our vibration to the same frequency as our manifestations. The fastest way to do this is to manipulate our chakras. You can either read below or check out my Youtube video on how to do this:


1.The crown chakra

The crown chakra is the located on the top of our heads. Here you get downloads from source, God, your guides and angels etc. If this is blocked it’s hard for us to receive breakthroughs, ideas even on what we want to create aka. Manifest.  With this chakra and the ones mentioned below you can clear this (this helps a lot with writers block btw) is by visualizing a sticky gold rose and postulate that whatever goes into that rose will stay there. Take the gold rose into your crown chakra and ask any foreign, negative or strained energy to be put into the rose. Once it’s all gone, through the rose away and ask that whatever energy be released into space where it can not hurt anyone.

2.The Third eye

The sixth chakra is located in between our brows, some people like to call this the “Third eye” in holds the power of clairvoyance and intuition.  If this is blocked it can be hard for you to visualize you creations, seeing it in the world. Dr. Wayne Dayer said “Remember, everything you see in front of you was once an idea, that someone thought up and made real”. Your thoughts are powerful and are the catalyst of manifesting your desires into reality!

3.The throat chakra

The fifth chakra is located in your throat. If it’s blocked it will be hard for you to speak about your desires in a positive way or at all. This chakra may be clogged by people in your life who consciously or subconsciously want you to shut-up. It’s crucial you have this chakra lit up 100% because your voice carriers the direction of what you want to manifest. You simply saying outloud what you want creates a ripple effect in the universe making what you want closer and more tangible.

4.The heart chakra

My favorite charka, the heart chakra helps us feel the emotions of what we really want. Nearly every text about manifesting talks about how important it is to “feel” as already you have it, to manifest the emotions you want to feel one you’ve gotten that house, boyfriend or whatever. And it’s true if we focus on how that will feel we will manifest wayyy quicker. On a side note, this is a great way to see if the actions you are taking towards your goals are congruous by feeling the energy. What I mean by that is, you visualize what you want, you feel the emotions and if you have a choice of which step to take, (close your eyes and imagine making each choice and examine how each one feels) take the one that feels the most closet to your desire.

5.The stomach chakra

The Stomach Chakra is our power center. If this is blocked it’s really hard for us to take major action towards or goals, to plan it out and organize it.  I think Tony Robinson said ” A goal is a dream that has a due date”.  Everyone knows once you’ve actually put in your calendar (google calendar in my case ;)) that we are way more likely to actually go do it instead of think about it and forget about it later.

6.The sacaral chakra

The Sacral chakra is located right below your navel and it focuses on planning the fine little details. Once we’ve gotten the little details into place we are so close into manifesting what we want and we get 100% positive that this is what we want. If this is blocked though we will almost never manifest what we really want because the root chakra is the one that actually holds the power to bring in what we want into the physical plane

7.The root chakra

This is such a crucial chakra. This chakra helps us feel at home and secure and can be seriously damaged when we’re moving house, in between jobs. I’ve found out working with people that they want to work on their crown and third eye chakra to improve their intuition but their root chakra is so weak that it just doesn’t happen. The root chakra also empowers us to take major action steps fearlessly.  So if you’re going to start seeing if there’s any blocks do so here.


Where to next?

Get into a relaxed position, ask yourself what do you want to create, manifest. Than ask your bodies which chakra is blocking you, go through each one visualizing how strongly each chakra is spinning, look at it and pretend to see it’s colors, is it bright or is it dull or even black? Once identified, use the golden rose technique and “clean our your charkas”. Once they’re all clean take a moment to see your chakars vibrating harmoniously, strongly feel of vigor. By doing this you are bringing your desires one step closer into creation.

Of course a clairvoyant reading can help you see through your “blind spots” things you might of overlooked during your meditation to see what’s been blocking you and what to do you best clear them. As well being with a person with the intention of destroying anything that’s blocking you from your goals is a remarkably powerful experience that’s guaranteed to see tangible results.


With love and light,

Michael Altawil

Angel Medium and Clairvoyant healer