Many of us in the Spiritual- new age community know what psychic protection is. It’s when we psychically shield ourselves from negative vibes from other people.

The downside of that is, I’ve worked with several clients who used too much psychic protection. They were protecting themselves in a state of fear but in truth you can’t allow any energy in unless you give it’s permission to.

My favorite psychic protection technique is thought by energy master Jeffery Allen . He envisions a rose three feet front of his aura and his intention with that rose is to give permission for others to feel they way they want to while not soaking up that energy.

Even though I still use other techniques such as imagine I’m in a cocoon of light or I ask Archangel Michael for extra protection, it feels so empowering and comforting knowing that I am in control. I am not (and neither are you) at the mercy of any negative person or entity.

Lastly, I want to remind you that psychic protection has many other uses than just during spiritual work. It’s great when you’re out an about. I used to commute to work everyday and sometimes the subways would be so crowded it felt like I was in a tuna can!

Not only was it physically uncomfortable, but without psychic protection I felt other people’s energy good or bad. Since, I’ve implemented this technique riding is a breeze!

I hope you’ll implement this technique soon. Go ahead and share this on social and comment below how psychic protection can help you in your life!