Best angel crystals

Top 5 crystals to use for Angelic communication.

This list is based on what I have learned along the way towards my spiritual journey.  The first crystal is


Angelite crystal meanings | Stones | Pinterest

Are rule of thumb is most light blue crystals are angelic and angelite is no exception! For me whenever I use angelite it really helps me raise my vibration, it reminds me of childhood innocence.

2. Celestine


CELESTINE Mineral Specimen For Sale

Celestine is a mineral usually found in Madagsakr, it’s a very intense crystal to work with not like angelite. The angels told me the best way to use Celestine is to place it on your heart while meditating, it’ll help your bridge the gap between you and the angelic realm.

3. Selenite

Selenite is known as mineralized light! Its the perfect crystal to use for an angel crystal grid because the energy comes from the heavens and spreads out onto the other crystals.

4. Clear quartz

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Crystal quartz is one of the most cheapest and accessible crystal out there. It really helps to clear negative energy and gives a clear path way for angelic communication.

5. Angel Phantom quartz

Angel Phatnom quartz is supposedly the most powerful crystal to use with angels! I’ve used it and the results have been intense.

What makes Angel Phatom quartz so special that it’s a mixture of 2-3 crystals in one!

Crystal grids

You can watch my video on how I use all these crystals and more to make an angel crystal grid. Enjoy!