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So It feels like everyone and their mother

is talking about manifesting. Ever since the secret came out it’s been a huge topic. A side note- I watched the secret when I was like in middle school so and I remember my Dad AND my grandmother saying “This is bullshit, life is meant to hard, money is hard to make”. Jeez talk about a downer. I of course didn’t let that get me down but whatever, anyway I feel like conscious manifesting is very important Jane Fonda a famous american actress said “ a good Life is about having a destination and two ores in the water going full speed”.

When I first heard that it really struck a chord in me. Manifesting to me is intentional living. We have so much control of what happens to our lives, the people we “attract”, how much money we make, the place we live etc. Everything once started with an intention. Just look around you know, pretty much everything you seen was once only a thought made manifest in the really world. Really give that a good think, every house, every object, every street was once only a vision and now it’s real.

Now, oh I know it’s soooo easy to get caught up and just do a 180 in your life. When you realize how powerful you are, you want to change everything all at once, your body, your relationships (or lack thereof), your house everything and that can be so exhausting. In my experience, there are two schools of thought, one is that we are these amazing, god-like beings who can control everything and anything in our lives (western- masculine belief) and then it’s the opposite that we have to do nothing- just be mindful in the moment and naturally we are blissful and happy (feminine- eastern belief).

I’m striving to walk somewhere in the middle, through that line in the Ying-Yang symbol. I of course want to be happy where I am right now, totally accept myself where I am right now, however, there’s nothing wrong with having goals and turning your dreams into your reality. Just always remember to have fun and not get so stressed about it. For me the key to manifesting is being detached–which is like not really caring if it happens or not.

The best way of getting into the state of detachment is being grateful for the here and now. I’ve noticed whenever I manifest out of space, ,,my life is so good now and this is just a little bit extra” I manifest so much more easily. And I know for most of your listening it can be hard to be grateful, especially if you’re going through a hard time but remember there’s always someone whose going through a harder time and would only wish to be in your position. Do the best that you can.

Before I go ahead and tell you my steps in manifesting whatever it is that you want. I’d like to take a moment and explain what can block your in manifesting. Yes this is sooo true! Unfortunately other people’s energy can get in the way of manifesting our dreams. Have you ever gotten really exciting about manifesting something but when you go sit down to script, visualize you get really down, sad and just distract yourself with youtube?  For example, while I was doing an energy healing on my client, I felt that the women in his life (his sister, mom , aunts etc) didn’t really like him, they made him feel less a of man, and whenever he would try to better his life he would get a quick burst of motivation but than it would go down. As soon as I released this energy from him, his energy levels skyrocketed and he stayed way more motivated to change is life than he ever before.

Another time for my personally, my family is very Polish and therefore very practical and religious people. They weren’t the most support of my journey and I would get so much anxiety over manifesting more clients and expanded my gifts. As soon as I cleared that, I felt like I was in the flow, I didn’t need to worry so much about what they thought and I could manifest even more…. (edit)

So without any further adieu- here’s my step to step guide that I personally use to manifest:

  1. Gratitude, I like to write 5-10 things I’m grateful for right now. In the book “the magic” it’s encouraged to write down why you’re grateful for something np. “ I’m so grateful for my brother because he loves and supports me no matter what” . They key here is to really feel the gratitude, having a huge ass list and not feeling behind is useless. If you have trouble feeling, put your hands to your heart and take some time to feel your heartbeat, imagine a pink center and say out loud what you’re grateful for. So thank you, thank, thank you, for each item on your list. That energy is liquid gold to manifesting!
  2. Get clear on what you want. If you can do this now or a later time,  get a pen and paper and write down your goal/wish (this exercise is taken from the book “Releasing the Genie within by Deborah Lynn Katz, totally check it out, I’m going to make some guided visualizations based on her work soon so keep an eye out on that)

For example.

1. I want money okay great now

#2 Why do you want this goal? What will achieve- so your answer might be I want money to buy a new car. Great so we got more clear.

#3. Write some reasons why you want your goal, in this case a new car- your answer might be “I a new car will give me the freedom to go wherever I want,

#4. Rewrite your goal- so not I want money, I want a new card

#5 write down specifics, what type of model car is it, what year is it etc.

#6 rewrite your goal as an intention “I intended to manifest a great cat with all the features i love and finally

#7 state the emotion you feel and the certainty you have your goal, so it could be “I’m so incredibly gratefully, happy excited that I have the car i’ve been dreaming all, it’s all mine and I love it”.  

Now this is sufficient but if you want to go even further, this is the perfect time to day dream and script exactly a scenario in the near future. Imagine you’re your own playwright of your life. Script a day with that new car, imagine your hot boyfriend in the passenger seat and what you’d be talking about, feel the wind in your hair. Really put yourself in it.

3. The second to last step is to visualize. So there’s a multitude of guided meditations you can do but for me the garden technique works the best. Basically you get in a relaxed state and imagine your manifestation as a seed , you plant in and bless it and water if with good vibes. While doing that you ask your manifesting is there any foreign energy (what we discussed early) you can see them as weeds and just take them out and burn, and finally spray your plant with some divine protection. A full guided meditation will be on here soon 🙂

4. Last but not least is ask your guides and Angels for help! You either simply towards the end of your guided visualization for help of your spirit helpers or call upon specific angels for help. I’ll get into archangels in a separate playlist but for now I love calling 4 Archangels for help, since the number 4 is a number of Angels, abundance, and stability.  I simply call upon Archangel Michael to align my manifestation with my life purpose and get rid of negative ties and karma, and protect my manifestation from harm, Archangel Raphael to heal whatever needs to be healed in order for my wish to come true, Archangel Jophiel, to keep my spirits bright and encourage patient while I wait for my wish to come true and Archangel Sandolphon  to send my prayer directly God so he can answer it. If you know angels feel free to experiment whatever Angel specialization works for you.

You can make this even powerful and do some type of ritual or magick spell but that’s for you folks who are into that ;).

Anyway, you might be wondering how often do I need to do this? In truth this whole process you only need to do once and from time to time do some visualizations about you being in the future reality already. Do this until you truly with all you heart believe that it’s going to turn into reality. Once you’ve established that belief heaven and Earth will turn for you to bring forth your desires. This is a lengthy process but trust me you don’t want a half-baked manifestation to come to reality. As soon as it doesn’t you’ll regret that you didn’t spend that extra 10 minutes to really get clear on what you want.

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