Running my spiritual business for a little bit over a year now I’ve learned a lot of things about myself and other psychics. I’ve become a lot more choosy when it comes to picking other psychics.

I’ve noticed how my own readings have changed as well. the biggest thing I learned is that some of the best psychics don’t tell you what you want to hear they don’t answer most of your questions; if any.

When I first started doing my readings I was a real people pleaser and I’d met him still struggling with that too because I want my clients to be happy it just I’ve noticed  that they would come to my readings not really fully prepared with a list of questions and even if they did they were the most disempowering questions like: “will I get this job” or “did he cheated on me”, will he come back to me”?.

I just became sick of it because answering those questions doesn’t really calm the soul. it only feeds the ego. and let’s be honest most of those questions you don’t really want to hear anything else other than the answer you already gave yourself earlier.

A really good psychic what’s tell you what’s going on energetically right now that’s making you ask these questions  .

Such as,

For example, you were cheated on by a boyfriend and you’re worried that’s going to happen again, you grew up really poor and it’s hard for you to feel financially secure right now, you worried about being too old or too young. A lot of those fears we don’t really want to  admits to ourselves however if we don’t then no real changes can occur.

A good psychic can tell you your present and your past and how those energies right now will affect your future most likely.

You have to remember that you’re in control of your destiny and no psychic is in charge of that orm don’t be a hundred percent accurate. It’s great to get a heads up I want might happen but good psychic will let you know what’s been happening in your life that’s currently affecting your situation.

To put it short a good psychic will really put you at ease and you of the issue because you’re not really afraid of the future the future hasn’t happened yet you just stressed out right now about the future and a good psychic will help you de-stress.

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